Did You Know?

If you’re short on time, but still want to get your cardio workout in, high-intensity interval training gives you some of the same benefits of long-distance or long-duration “steady-state” cardio exercise (e.g. jogging on treadmill), and in less time. Studies have shown that this short-burst type of training (with adequate rest periods between each exercise burst) improved the exerciser’s aerobic endurance capacity.

But, an additional wonderful benefit will be that on a “per unit of time” basis, you’ll be burning more calories as well! So, short on time? Now you don’t have to let that deter you from getting your cardio exercise and burning those calories!

A WORD OF CAUTION: Because interval training is a higher-intensity exercise, and requires a planned “work-to-rest” pattern, you should ALWAYS check with your physician before attempting interval training, AND consult with a Certified Personal Trainer for help on developing the program that’s right for you.

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Hi. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Conditioning Specialist, and Sports Conditioning author. I have worked with Girl and Women athletes from a wide-variety of sports (for example soccer, basketball, softball, running, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball). I love working with female athletes, and writing about issues involving sports conditioning, exercise, and motivation. But, I also thoroughly enjoy my work with the many general fitness women clients I've trained over the past 17 years! Please visit my blogs (Female Athlete's Blog, and Women Losing It - Weight That Is! Blog) often as I hope to have things that interest women interested in improving their health and fitness whether it's for sport, functional fitness, or overall wellness and general health. In Health - LaRue :-) Please visit my website (www.lecfitness.com) for information on training, some of my articles, current and upcoming programs and services, and general updates!
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